Dimo is the love of my life. Sweet, smart, funny, sexy… dirty selfish backstabber. I guess that’s what men are like – crushing the world you have been building for years just like that. I was by his side when they threw him out. I was by his side when he learned how to be a father. And he payed me back quite well. By breaking my heart.

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Bobby is all that I have now. My sweet kid, dealing with all our nonsense and fights. But it is what it is, and he is not a baby anymore. Let him see, let him learn – all the DOs and DON’Ts for a father. I will turn the world upside down, but my son won’t grow up to be like Dimo.

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Kiko is a kind, thoughtful, loyal, sweet soul. Sometimes I wonder what is so special about Dimo that makes Kiko always following him. Every time I see him around the kids, I say to myself “Well, that’s what I call a Dad!”


Milena is my best friend. We are like sisters, although we don’t have much in common. That girl knows her game, unlike the naive chick that I am. If it were not for her, I would have still have my pink sunglasses on, totally blind on the fool they made out of me.



The scandalous investigative journalist Dimo and his wife Kalina split. At first their separation looks peaceful and almost friendly. Free from his family duties, Dimo tries to start a new life. The only thing he wants is to regularly see his son Bobby, whom he really loves. Kalina, really hurt by how easily Dimo leaves her, succeeds in turning the boy against him. Bobby develops the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and starts despising his father. Dimo is shocked by what his ex-wife has done and starts a desperate fight for his son, having been denied access to him for months, though. The father faces the absurdities of the flawed legal system, the cold-hearted bureaucracy of the social services and the common prejudices that always make people take the mother’s side by default.

What is left of a family falling apart?

Drama TV series, 6 x 54 min.

Executive Producers
Martichka Bozhilova
Boris Missirkov
Georgi Bogdanov

BNT Producers
Boryana Puncheva
Yanko Terziev

Teodora Markova
Nevena Kertova
Georgi Ivanov

Theme song
Stefan Valdobrev

Veselin Zografov

Film Editing
Victoria Radoslavova

Pavel G. Vesnakov

Alexander Stanishev

Art Director
Severina Stoyanova

Jina Sheovska

Zachary Baharov – Dimo
Vesela Babinova – Kalina
Patrick Sean Hasson – Bobby
Alexander Sano – Kiko
Gloria Petkova - Milena

The project has been supported by
Sofia Municipality Film Commission
Creative Europe – MEDIA program

The project has been selected at
Venice Gap-Financing Market, Serie Series